Bernie K’s Relax Revolution

Are you looking for woo-woo free meditation?

Do you want a practical, Western approach that works in short spurts even if you have a racing mind and little spare time?

I'm a woo-woo free meditation coach who works with people like yourself who want a no-nonsense approach to meditation that works in short spurts and doesn't require hard work, discipline, or sitting cross-legged.

My clients report being

  • being profoundly calm in the face of overwhelm and urgency
  • having more energy and enthusiasm for life and for work
  • improved intuition, creativity, and problem solving
  • being more responsive and less reactive to challenging situations and people
  • feeling less urgency and having a sense of more time in their day.

 Do you think this would help you?

This may be the best investment that you’ve ever done for your well being!

Of course, you have questions about all this. That’s perfect! Let’s talk about it!