Bernie K’s Relax Revolution

Modern Meditation
for the Racing Mind

I was a high school science teacher and a meditation doubter. While facing grief, this type of meditation brought joy back to life and gave me the ability to better manage stress. I was more present to myself and others and brought more of my best self to those around me. Now I’m a believer!  I’m more grounded in everyday life. It’s all based on getting your body to automatically bring calm.  I am  convinced that the simple art of meditation will profoundly change your life.  Let’s talk!

Are you stuck? Are you dealing with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, or a major life change? Are you crossing off your to-do list, but feel life is still passing you by?

Do you want to profoundly shift your world, but you’re not sure how to do it? You know in your gut that it has to come from inside of you.

You already know meditation is good for you, but you’re hesitant to start or are struggling with “doing it right” because you have racing thoughts or don’t have enough time. It all seems too hard.

I’m here for you! I know what it’s like when you’re facing racing thoughts and life challenges, and feel overwhelmed by it all — I’ve been there and there is an easier way.

What if there was a way to meditate that was easy, accessible, based on learnable skills and didn’t take a lot of time? What if meditation didn’t have to be sitting cross-legged on cushions? What if it wasn’t drudgery? Meditation can be enjoyable — even indulgent –and can give you a sense of more time in your day.

Meditation done right is a deep form of rest, not a form of work. Our culture typically does not honor or encourage rest unless you are sick or on vacation. My mission is to teach people to give themselves permission to rest in this deep, restorative way.

Call me today for a free consultation. Let me take you through a step-by-step process and empower you with a vehicle for change in your life, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. I’ll help you break it down into manageable pieces that get you EXCITED about meditation, instead of feeling like you’ve simply added something else to your to do list. You can do this.