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Listen to my radio interview on 94.3 FM with Lisa Orlandini of In the Know to get an idea of what this type of meditation is all about! Click the link below!

Wren Cook, Stay-At-Home Mom

“Meditation with Berni has been life-changing in a powerful, yet subtle way. I never thought I was the “meditating type”—too much chatter in my head, not enough time, etc. Berni has taught me that there are no rules in meditation, and she has given me simple skills to mindfully experience small moments of rest and restoration. It’s as simple as giving myself permission to rest and pausing long enough to notice. As a stay-at-home mom, finding any time to myself is challenging. Berni is teaching me how to take a minute here and there, to experience my full range of emotions, and to honor my instincts. I am grateful for Berni’s gifts and guidance!”
– Wren Cook, Stay-At-Home Mom

“Berni conducted a total of eight meditation sessions for our Annual Benefit Fair for staff, although we also encouraged residents to join in. I participated in two of the sessions and can say personally they were simply amazing. The feedback received from all participants was so positive as well. Everyone felt at peace, which is hard to do while at work! It’s so amazing how a ten-minute guided meditation session can do so much for your soul! Thank you, Berni!.”
– Jeanne Hobbs, HR Manager, Goodwin House, Alexandria, VA

“I thought meditation was all about breathing, but I learned it was so much more. Berni helped me, even with a busy schedule, to give myself permission to rest, take some time for myself, re-energize, and feel more ‘in the moment.’”
– Melanie Stanton, EdD, LAT, ATC,
Wellness Committee, Head Athletic Trainer, Phys Ed Dept. Chair, St. Stephens and St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

“Meditation can be a difficult journey that can be overwhelming and over-analyzed! I had been trying different methods of meditation without much luck because I was being told “how to meditate” and “what subjects to meditate on” – not easy when all I wanted to do was de-stress and learn to unwind. I am incredibly grateful to have the direction and guidance from Berni.  First- it never feels like work!! Second – she has a way of using words and phrases that connect with an individual and third – there is zero judgment! Every meditation session has been empowering, calming and magical!”
– Sue

“The most effective meditation instruction I have ever received! The principles and skills align with what neuroscience and psychology is learning about healing the whole person. Bernadette’s teachings are deceptively simple on the palate but profoundly experienced!”
– Kristina Peary

“Berni is gentle, insightful, and encouraging. She leads me gently into relaxation and to a place of quiet in my body and my mind; she kindly and gently nudges me toward deeper and clearer insights into my own meditation; and she is always encouraging care for the body and the spirit. Our sessions are never very long, but I always come away with a rested spirit and a clearer mind.”
– Jeff Seymour, Clarks Summit, PA

“Berni turned so much of my previous training upside down and inside out that I feel like a brand new student, which has not only entirely unexpected, but wonderfully transformative.”
– Brenda Pigou

“In only two weeks, meditation has changed my life. It has given me the courage and confidence I needed to cope with my busy schedule with less stress, better grades, and more peace of mind.”
– Lily Seymour, Student, Scranton Preparatory School, Scranton, PA

“Working with Berni helped me realize that I was the one in the driver’s seat of my emotions and how I react to things. At any point throughout the day, I could take 5 minutes to recenter myself, shift my energy and continue on with my day and be better for it.”

– Ashley Stone, Director of Major Gifts, Advancement & Alumni Office, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

“Meditation had always been a private reprieve until I mustered the courage to attend Berni K’s meditation group where she creates the path with a calming voice, an open heart, and an abundance of knowledge and passion. I walk out of there completely rejuvenated.”
– Jenn S.

“Berni embodies everything you would hope for in a mediation teacher. She is is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive. I look forward to every class, and hate to ever miss. I like that Bernie encourages her students to share, and each class, she offers a slightly different approach. The result, however, is always the same–I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. Her class has added a connection and calm to my life that I am so grateful for!”
– Gena Lengel, teacher & writer

“How refreshing to find a teacher and mentor who allows you to experience meditation in your own way. Berni Kozlowski has a liberating approach that helps you connect with your inner spirit on the path that works best for you. Each session is a new adventure, introducing novel ways to enlightenment. Bernadette throws the rules out the window and introduces you to a whole new level of being. If you are yearning for the peace meditation brings but have had trouble getting there, this is for you.”
– Nancy

“As a therapist who often utilizes mindfulness with clients, I find Berni’s approach to be especially helpful in working with people who struggle with the practice. Her approach uses a heavy dose of science and realistic expectations to craft a mindfulness practice that is both effective and easily accessible.”
– Erin Shadle, LCSW, Director, Behavioral Sleep Solutions, Cognitive -Behavioral Therapy Center of Asheville, NC

“I truly enjoyed spending the day with Berni learning her unique practice of meditation!  I have been able to set aside a few moments each day to simply be in my body, enjoy each sensation, and gain new insights!  Through her relaxed, light-hearted approach, I have shifted my perception of what it is to meditate and have experienced greater joy in life’s simple moments and been able to handle the difficult ones with a little more ease!”
– Amanda C.

“I learned how to bring meditation into my classroom one minute at a time.  My students’ reaction was so positive.  I could see and feel the difference this made immediately.  Now, this “daily minute” opens and closes our time together and they never let me forget!”
– Marny Hyde, Science Teacher, Tunkhannock, PA

“Thank you so much for the workshop ‘Meditation for Racing Minds’. Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia participants LOVED the workshop and your approach to meditation. We actually received two emails immediately afterward from members expressing their gratitude and how much they enjoyed the session. One individual stated that your workshop was the “most valuable and useful meditation class” that’s she’s ever attended. Thank you Berni!.”
– Cancer Support Community, Greater Philadelphia 

“Berni provided simple and easy meditation techniques that teachers were excited to use for this own emotional wellbeing, and also felt empowered to pass along the lessons learned to their students.”
– Beth Chase, CFO, SSSAS, Alexandria, VA