Private Mentorship

are you struggling
  • racing thoughts?
  • anxiety or a sense of overwhelm?
  • a major life transition?
  • finding your purpose in life?
are you concerned
  • health issues arising from the constant stress?
  • not making the change you want in life?
  • watching life pass you by?
  • strain in your relationships?
what if meditation could help
  • improve your day-to-day experience?
  • be more present to joy?
  • have the breakthrough you crave?
  • improve your relationships?
how it works

We meet by phone. You can be anywhere that is comfortable for you.

A typical session involves reviewing how things went in your meditation the previous week. You will learn and practice new skills, getting feedback so that you can learn to self-correct. In a longer guided meditation, you can practice your skills.

Each week, we’ll continue to tweak your individualized practice so that it suits you and your schedule.

You’ll get some homework for the week meant to support you in developing a practice that works for you!

private sessions

Private Sessions (by phone)

Small Group Sessions (by phone & in-person)

12 Session Package
3 month commitment
50 minutes per week


24 Session Package
6 month commitment
25 minutes per week


By Phone
12 Session Package
3 month commitment
50 minutes per week
Form your own group or ask to be placed in an upcoming group

$180/month (3-6 people)

6 Session Package
Asheville, NC area only
60 minutes per week
Form and host a group at your home or in your workplace

$180/month for all 6 Sessions
(6-10 people)

To Schedule a Free Consultation to See if Meditation Can Help You
Call or Text Berni at 828-702-2824

Need Berni to speak to your group, business, or institution?