Private Mentorship

Modern Meditation
for the Racing Mind Private Sessions

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are you struggling
  • racing thoughts?
  • anxiety or a sense of overwhelm?
  • a major life transition?
  • finding your purpose in life?
are you concerned
  • health issues arising from the constant stress?
  • not making the change you want in life?
  • watching life pass you by?
  • strain in your relationships?
what if meditation could help
  • improve your day-to-day experience?
  • be more present to joy?
  • have the breakthrough you crave?
  • improve your relationships?
private sessions

Private Sessions


(by phone)

3-month commitment
50 minutes/session
once a week = 12 sessions


(by phone)

6-month commitment
25 minutes/ session
once a week = 24 sessions

Small Group Sessions


(by phone & Zoom)

3-month commitment
50 minutes/ session
once a week = 12 sessions

Form your own group or ask to be placed in an upcoming group
(6-10 people)