Meditation For Racing Minds Workshop @ Earth Equity Advisors

Meditation For Racing Minds

Private Workshop

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March 31, 2020

10:00 -11:00am

Open to Employees of Earth Equity Advisors


Earth Equity Advsiors
Downtown Asheville
North Carolina, USA

Instructor: Berni Kozlowski​

M.A., RYT-200
Based in Asheville, NC

“I’ve attended multiple meditation classes over these years – this one was by far the best! It left me feeling so at peace and refreshed.”

– Kerry from Google Business Reviews

“I was lucky enough to attend Berni’s presentation on Meditation at the Woodloch Spa. (PA) It was truly an amazing experience. I entered the presentation having already attended and studied meditation for many years. I was sure that I would not learn anything new – I was thankfully very wrong. Berni’s teachings blew me away. In just a few exercises I felt more positive and relaxed than I ever had before. The hope that I could manage a busy life and schedule and still enjoy resting in the beauty of life seemed within reach – in just a few exercises! I highly recommend learning this meditation style from Berni!”

– Clara Cataldo from Google Business Reviews

“Berni’s meditation technique IS a revolution! She helped me learn to trigger the relaxation response just about any time I want to experience it. Berni’s approach helped me learn to look forward to meditation and made me realize it’s something I can do any time of day. She is kind and generous, and makes this work approachable. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to begin or tweak a meditation practice. I also use this technique with my kindergarten students! They love it, and they even ask me about the kind of meditation we will do next. Passing these life skills on to children makes this work even more important and valuable.

– Katie Stadler from Google Business Reviews

How can I have Berni offer a staff training or general public workshop in our area?

Contact Berni at 828.702.2824 or email her at berni@berni-k.com for a proposal.

What Are People Saying?

“I truly enjoyed spending the day with Berni learning her unique practice of meditation! I have been able to set aside a few moments each day to simply be in my body, enjoy each sensation, and gain new insights! Through her relaxed, light-hearted approach, I have shifted my perception of what it is to meditate and have experienced greater joy in life’s simple moments and been able to handle the difficult ones with a little more ease!”
– Amanda C.

“I learned how to bring meditation into my classroom one minute at a time. My students’ reaction was so positive. I could see and feel the difference this made immediately. Now, this “daily minute” opens and closes our time together and they never let me forget!”
– Marny Hyde, Science Teacher, Tunkhannock Middle School, Tunkhannock, PA

“These teachings have opened the door to the magic of meditation for me, impacting my daily life, my soul, and my career. I am forever grateful for what Berni has shared with me.”
– Christine M.

“Berni’s meditation has blown away all other styles of meditation I have tried in the last 20 years! My life now is so much more vibrant AND I now know how to truly rest. Her coaching has so many positive effects—one unexpected one is that my real estate biz is flourishing. Thank you, Berni!”
-Trish Brown, Asheville NC

“I thought meditation was all about breathing, but I learned it was so much more. Berni helped me, even with a busy schedule, to give myself permission to rest, take some time for myself, re-energize, and feel more ‘in the moment.’”
– Melanie Stanton, EdD, LAT, ATC, Wellness Committee, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

“I feel Berni helped me understand​ how to allow myself to think, feel, and connect with an openness that is new to me. I was accepting of myself, free of judgment, and free of restriction. the clarity I felt and energy I had helped me feel more grounded and committed to myself. It was a real treat being able to take part in meditation this way. Thank you Berni!”
– Ashleigh E.

“The most effective meditation instruction I have ever received”
– Kristina Peary

Who is the Instructor?

Berni Kozlowski is a certified meditation teacher (RYT-200) who has taught across the US and in Ireland and is a regular presenter at the Lodge at Woodloch, a highly ranked destination spa in the Poconos. She has worked with over 2300 people through in-person consulting with businesses, schools, and organizations, through private mentoring, and by hosting weekend retreats. With a master’s degree in Biology, Berni brings a research based approach to her teaching and specializes in helping people deal with racing minds.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Berni is the Founder of Berni K’s Rest Revolution, a company she started to help others learn to skillfully access deep states of rest through a form of instinctive meditation that is easy, accessible, and doesn’t require sitting cross-legged on cushions.

Do You Have Questions?

Please text or call Berni at 828-702-2824 or email her at berni@berni-k.com