One Quick and Easy Meditation for Busy Moms

by Berni Kozlowski

Meditation’s most obvious purpose is to rest deeply, and to have an effective practice you must first drop any guilt around taking a rest.  This is key for you as a busy mom. All else in this style of instinctive meditation follows more easily.

Try this basic skill.

Read these words to yourself with some feeling in your belly.  Then sit with the concept for about a minute. 

I give myself permission to rest. I welcome myself like a good friend, without judgement. I don’t have to solve, fix, or change anything right now.”

Practice this skills a few times a day, especially in times of transition between activities.  It’s OK if you have thoughts or feel restless, the key is that you don’t have to DO anything about anything. 

Meditation does several key things for you as a busy mom: 

  • It makes you less reactive and more responsive.  Have you been irritable and impatient? This may be due to resentment from nourishing everyone but yourself. Take a few moments of “me-time” to re-set and be more responsive to life’s challenges.
  • It builds resilience.  The ability to recover quickly from set-backs allows you to more gracefully navigate life’s rhythms.
  • It models healthy behavior for your children. By caring for yourself without apology, you are changing cultural expectations that a woman’s identity is based mostly on service to others. 

“As a busy mom, I can now meditate a minute here and there. It’s been life-changing in a powerful yet subtle way, just by using simple skills.”     – Wren Cook, Asheville, NC

I’ve found that I’m less reactive, a better listener and notice more of the world around me.-Katie Stadler, Alexandria, VA

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